Economy 7 - Day / Night Readings swapped

Since moving to Bulb, my meter readings for Day and Night have been swapped giving higher usage for Day Readings than Night.
This has the consequence of higher costs. I have notified Bulb by Phone - and more recently by Letter, over the last few months and thye tell me that they have raised a dispute with my last Energy Supplier. I have submitted photos several times showing the Meter Readings I have taken and have invited someone from Bulb to inspect my meter readings for themselves.

I submitted two readings from the same day to prove that my Day Reading was increasing during the Day but the Submitted Readings still show Day Readings as higher than the Night Readings.

Please can you help me by providing a procedure for proving that my Night and Day Readings need to be swapped, as I use more energy at Night but am currently paying the Day rate for that usage.

If this carries on much longer - I will be forced to swap my supplier back to my old supplier where at least I should pay a lower amount for Night usage.

@Conrad143, it sounds like the process you’re going through is the correct one. You contact Bulb, they look into it and get back to you.

I know no details of your meters or the dispute with your previous supplier but if Bulb have been told that your night readings are your day readings and vice-versa then it will take a bit of time to get this switched around.

It sounds like your previous supplier may have submitted information to Bulb incorrectly, or not kept the meter database up to date with the correct information for your meter.

When Bulb get back to you with the result of the dispute that they have raised, I’m sure the next steps will be made clear to you.

If what you’re saying is correct, so long as you can afford to pay a little more while the matter is resolved, you will get the overcharge refunded to you eventually - Bulb are legally obligated to do so.

Hi @Conrad143, I can see that a Bulb Agent has raised a dispute to get the readings switched over last month. We would normally expect your previous supplier to respond in 3-4 weeks, however since it’s been a little longer I’ll give them a call to check everything is okay on their end.

I’ll send you an update via email this afternoon. Once we’ve got this sorted, we will of course be refunding any overcharges.

Economy 7
Manual Two rate Meter Readings (Day & Night Readings):

It is now August 11 2020 and after resolving the swapped meter readings for the second time, it has now happened a third time. Please can you make sure that the estimated readings are aligned with the corrected readings. I am unable to submit my meter readings due to the swapped meter readings.

There is something wrong with the way you estimate readings. Please can you fix this?
My day reading (#2) flashes during the day and my night reading (#1) does not. I know how to read my meter, but the estimated readings are constantly wrong.

Please can you correct this so I can submit my actual readings. If Bulb cannot get it’s estimated readings right, then I would not feel happy with a smart Meter as I would have even less control over the readings sent.

While attempting to enter my Night and Day Readings on the Bulb site, I am prevented to as the Day and Night Readings have been swapped - again!

This is the third time Bulb have swapped my meter readings. I have sent an email to - more than once, and have not even had the courtesy of a reply. Is there anybody at Bulb who can help me with this?

My Night Reading is 81618 and the Day Reading is 46060 (13 Jan 2021).

Electricity reading
Meter serial number: D09B09751
15 Jan 2021 – My Meter Readings:
Day: 46060 (Currently Bulb has last reading as74776 – should be 45393)
Night: 81618 (Currently Bulb has last reading as 45393 - should be 74776)

Please can you correct this for me?
As you know, this problem keeps reoccurring – is it possible to correct this permanently?