Economy 7 - EV charging

I have a high consumption (100kWh), electric car, so I really should move across to Economy 7 tariff asap! I don’t have an Economy 7 meter but I heard that Bulb are selecting trial customers for the new smart meters than can do all tariffs. Any chance of becoming involved?

I have a high consumption (100kWh), electric car, so I really should move across to Economy 7 tariff asap!
No nice free Tesla Superchargers near where you live? (I'm guessing it must be a Tesla at 100kWh).

Superchargers are only 15 minutes drive but more convenient at home. And at Bulb’s night rate, I can fill up for virtually nothing, well, just over £6. Not worth the drive :slight_smile:

Hi @GarryR I have added you to the trial list for a new smart meter when we roll them out next year. If you’d like more information about a meter exchange before then, please give us a call on 0300 30 30 635 and we can discuss your options. Owen

Hello :slight_smile: I am in the same possition as Gary over, and I was wondering what is the difference between a smart meter (I asked to joun the trial in the summer) and an economy 7 meter (that I understand we can get installed now at a cost)? And what would the rates be?
Cheers !

Hi - I am also in the same position and looking for an economy 7 rate. Please advise how you can help ? Thanks

@Kriss, the economy 7 meter that would be installed would be a traditional non-smart meter (as in it’s a two rate meter that cannot communicate with your supplier).
This would be a chargeable meter replacement and the current cost of this is £96.

The smart meters will be installed for free at some point in 2018 (the full rollout starts mid 2018) and will be 2nd gen (SMETS2) meters which will communicate directly with your supplier and not require manual readings. The trial rollout will start early 2018.

Thank you for your answer @mowcius - will the smart meter also be able to be a econ 7 meter? Or not? Would you have to choose either / or? Or could the Smart2 meter do both jobs ?

@Kriss, the smart meters will be able to function as multi-rate or single-rate meters so they will be able to do Economy 7.

You will then also be able to pick and choose the type of tariff without a meter change in the future.

Ok thanks - so best to wait for that then for flexibility! I requested to be part of the trial in the summer so hopefully wait wont be too long! :slight_smile: