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Hi Peeps,

Im after some help… I currently live in a 3 bed terraced house and my ELECTRIC only bill is £218.00 per month! Now Ive checked with the neighbours and other relatives and this seems high to say the least. We aren’t in the house from 8/6 in the day and only use the washing machine a few times a week.
We are on a Economy 7 tarriff and we always have been on this as years ago (15) we had storage heaters but they were taken out of the property…

Can anyone help with this at all or suggest what we can do?? Ive tried bulb numerous times but after 30 minutes of waiting it cuts me off !!

E7 has a slightly higher standing charge, and around 3 to 4p more per off-peak unit. The amount you quote - is that the DD amount that Bulb take each month? If so, it’s not your true use, so comparing with others won’t work.

Take a reading one day and then another after a week. You should be able to work out that week’s cost. If the monthly figure that Bulb take is too high based on your consumption, they should reduce the monthly amount.

Hi @shawemma

Welcome to community and thank you for posting.

As mentioned by @Anton59 , Economy 7 has two rates so depending on times and your usage you cost varies.

However looking at your account I can see we recently revised your latest bill as per the meter reading provided. The good news is you are eligible for a free smart meter so if you wish to have more accurate bills and readings you can book yourself in HERE.

–Suki :hibiscus: