Economy 7 hours

Please could you tell me when my off peak electricity hours are please.

Hi @ss65

It’s 00:30 - 07:30 GMT
all days, all months


Thank you Rob , is this all year round ? or will it be 0130-0830 when we are in BST.

@ss65, it’s always GMT, so you are correct in that it will change during BST.

@ss65 , thanks for your follow-up question. As @mowcius has said, the off-peak electricity hours are always 00:30-07:30 GMT.

This means that:

  • During the winter, when the UK is on Greenwich Mean Time (last Sunday of October to the last Sunday of March), your off-peak electricity hours will be 00:30-07:30.
  • During the summer, when the UK is on British Summer Time (last Sunday of March to last Sunday of October), your off-peak electricity hours will be 01:30-08:30.

Hope this helps!

I would add: please do use the above as a definitive answer. It depends upon your meter. Your meter could be set to Rate 2: 23:30-06:30 GMT 07:30-00:30 BST so this will be the time slot for the lower rate. I suggest you check this by asking Bulb to review the type of meter you own by ringing them.

One last point on this: if you have an immersion heater to heat your water and this includes two methods of heating the water: 1 - the automatic night time heater which heats the water every night using the lower rate and 2 - the `boost’ you switch on to heat the higher level of water at the top of the tank when you run out of night heated water. Beware as the boost could be wired to the more expensive day rate regardless of when you switch this on. It is very expensive to run on the day rate.

What are current timings for Night Unit Rate

What are current timings for Night Unit Rate ?

@hiteshsh13, for a standard E7 meter, it depends on the meter.

@mowcius …Yes for E7 Meter please

@hiteshsh13, it depends on your specific meter - see this thread.

over bill it is 006 but I didnt find anything related to it in that thread.