Economy 7 hours


Please could you tell me the economy 7 hours for my account, I understand they are not static?

Many thanks in advance, john

Hi @JoMar, your meter is off-peak from 12:15 AM - 7:15 AM.

Hi @“Owen at Bulb” ,

This seems to be a common question on the community forums - would it be at all possible for the development team to make a ‘Show Economy 7 hours’ an option in the ‘My Bulb Account’ section (also a ‘Request Credit Refund’ option would again cut down the number of threads).


I couldn’t agree more, I have already posted a similar query on this forum a couple of days ago, Waiting a response to my posting.

My posting is at:

Hi @Owen at Bulb

I appreciate your reply and understanding to a “newbie”.

Do you desire only “experts” to be allowed to post in here?

I am fully aware others can see my post as I can see and learn from them.


I’m a newbie and wouldn’t consider myself an expert.

My earlier response wasn’t directed at you but rather at the perceived shortcomings in Bulb by not providing guidance on the opening discussion page

The point I was making is that nobody on this forum would be able to tell you what your economy 7 hours are other than a Bulb employee.

So where this type of situation applies I think it would be more appropriate if Bulb had a one liner on the opening discussion page, something like:

  1. If you have a query about Economy 7 hours please contact us (Email us at or Call us on 0300 30 30 635, our lines are open 9am-6pm Monday-Friday).

@Allanr We are hoping to be able to use the community in a more intelligent way in the future, we don’t have that much flexibility in the way it works at the moment. So, hopefully it is not too far away :slight_smile: