Economy 7 Hours

Hi, can you tell me what are the Economy 7 hours in Leicester? I’ve emailed on Monday but not got a reply yet.


They will be the same hours as when you were with your previous supplier (or existing supplier if you haven’t yet switched to Bulb).

Well if I knew what the hours were for the area then I wouldn’t have the need to ask. I have just moved to the area so I don’t know the hours hence my question. I am currently a Bulb customer. Can you or someone help answer my question?

Well then, some customers who switch to Bulb know what their hours were with their existing suppliers but didn’t realise they remain the same when they switch to Bulb.

Only Bulb can tell you the hours, this is a customer to customer forum although the Bulb team do visit this page normally during working hours Monday to Friday…

Hi @Ns15 the hours that you have economy 7 night rate and day rate actually depend on your physical meter, rather than your area, and as @Allanr says they don’t change when you change supplier. For you, you’re off peak 00:15-07:15. I hope that helps!