Economy 7 Hours

Hi, above is a link to the thread which might be helpful.

Francesca At Bulb kindly advises:-

  • During the winter, when the UK is on Greenwich Mean Time (last Sunday of October to the last Sunday of March), your off-peak electricity hours will be 00:30-07:30.
  • During the summer, when the UK is on British Summer Time (last Sunday of March to last Sunday of October), your off-peak electricity hours will be 01:30-08:30.

When I last cycled through on the readings using the button on my electricity meter the time is displaying 21.08 which I assume is 22.08 BST However, the time stamp on my phone is 22.29. (I video all my readings each month). My phone/camera is set near to the exact ‘real time’ BST.
So as the time displayed on my electricity meter is slow by 21 mins does this mean my off-peak electricity hours ‘real time’ BST will be 01:51 - 08:51 and GMT will be 00:51 - 07:51.

I would be grateful if someone could confirm my understanding of the above.

Hi @Sandgrounder ,

Economy 7 hours are ‘per meter’ and so your hours will be different to that of ss65 who started in that thread. Your hours will be the same as your previous supplier (as they are per meter but not per supplier), but if you are still unsure of them, it’ll be worth asking Bulb directly at .

Meters tend to run on GMT 24/7/365 - so it should be showing GMT now even though we humans are operating on BST.

If the meter is running slow, your times will be based on the ‘meter times’ - so if it is slow by 21 minutes, your real times will be 21 minutes earlier then normal. However, it may be worth just highlighting the slow meter to Bulb at (other contact details available at ) as it may be indicative of another problem (low problem/low voltage to the meter/failing meter - or it might have just been installed with the wrong time!). They’ll be able to check the most likely scenarios and advise (we fellow customers can only really guess the problems).