Economy 7 Hours

Hi there. I don’t know why this is so hard to find, but please may I know my Economy 7 hours (AND if this time is GMT or BST)? I’ve read all the articles but my distribution company (22 S West) just says “all meters are different”. I asked Western Power directly and they told me to ask my supplier!

My “MPAN” is S 02 034 030
22 0002 1277 920

if that helps?


Hi Jana,
I have Economy 7 and my hours are from 2:00AM to 9:00AM GMT (which means they are now 3:00AM to 10:00AM as we’ve just changed to BST)
Your hours would probably be about the same, but if you need to find out exactly, look at the clock by the meter which gives the on/off times. These clocks drift a little bit over time especially when a power failure occurs, so the company is correct (although unhelpful) in saying that “all meters are different” in that no two customers have the same power failure histories.
An alternative method is to listen for the “clunk” of the changeover switch at about the time that it should occur. That should give you one end point of the hours - just add or subtract 7 hours to get the other endpoint.

Hope this helps,


Hi Mike. Thanks for the reply. My meters look as per the attachment (yes, it’s still the 1970s in Somerset!) and I don’t see that either gives the info you suggest. The meters are outside so listening to the “clunk” isn’t that practical - I could be standing outside for several hours either side of midnight! The clock is also about 25 minutes slow btw.