Economy 7 Hrs No Idea What’s Going On

How can I find out when economy 7 kicks in. I haven’t been with Bulb that long and already with the next price increase I will be paying double monthly than I did with my last provider. Not sure I have made the right choice, being all electric is turning into a very expensive swap.

hey @Hills999 The economy 7 hours for your meter are 1am-8am. You can compare how much you should be paying compared with your previous supplier by comparing the unit rate p/kwh.

For more information on economy hours please see this help article

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Hi Matthew thanks for the info. My emersion heater has been turning on just after 12am, as have my storage heaters. I’ll get an electrician in to see if the timing can be changed.
Many thanks

Hi Matthew, electrician has said that Bulb need to come and reset the meter. Can’t seem to find out on line how I can book one. Plus on site will not let me book a smart meter. This is all getting very frustrating.

Hi @Hills999, I’ve just sent you an email about this, so we can look into what we can do :mailbox:

I’ve emailed you and set the meter photo requested

Email promising an engineer visit. 2 further emails sent with NO reply. I’m sick of this company. Also a DD hike even though at the time I was approx £300 in credit. It’s time to change provider for me.

I’m on your priority list? 4 month wait for an engineer and hike in DD when account was £300+ in credit. Time to contact Ofgem and switch to another provider.

Still no resolution and I’m on your priority list!!!