Economy 7 meter but don't use much electricity at night

I am considering switching to bulb but we have a meter with day and night readings. As we don’t use much electricity at night we are on a single rate tariff with our current energy provider. If I switched to bulb would it be possible to be on a single rate tariff or would I have to pay a higher day rate and lower night rate ?

You’ll have to check your postcode here: the rates vary depending on your location

You will need to enter the meter readings for both meters when sending your readings to Bulb (Or you can just send photos to and they’ll sort the readings for you)

Hi there @sm_lawson I’m afraid that if your meter is an economy seven we would have to charge you the two separate day and night rates, the ones from the link @Mikee shared (thanks :slight_smile: ) rather than a flat rate. There are other two rate meter types (e.g. economy 10) for which we can only charge a flat rate, but for Economy 7 a two rate agreement is all we can do. You could always get that two rate meter replaced with a one rate one? Any supplier should be able to do that, though I imagine most of them will charge