Economy 7 meter from Bulb won't fit cabinet!

So last week I called Bulb to get someone to change my current meter to an economy 7 as that would make my bills go down considerably.

The engineer just came by and was unable to do the job because the economy 7 meters Bulb uses are just to big to fit the cabinet…

This is a picture of Bulb’s economy 7 meter:

This is a picture of the economy 7 meter I had in my previous place:

The picture might not show it, but it’s bulb’s meter is almost twice the size!

The engineer ended up leaving as he refused to assemble the new meter saying that it wouldn’t fit properly…

So my question is if there’s any alternative to this huge economy 7 meter?

Since the physical meters appear to be provided by the local distribution company (hence the ‘Property of…’ tags), I would guess that may be the only meter design available in your area :frowning:

That could be so, however, my next door neighbor has a small Economy 7 meter from EDF (looks exactly like the one on the picture I posted) so seems to me this isn’t an issue with the local distribution company, but whoever fits these in for Bulb.

With a quick search over the internet I found these smaller meters being sold online.

So that got me thinking if I can just buy one of these and get an engineer from Bulb to assemble it? Would that be ok?

Hi @Bond and @RichyB, we can discuss this with our engineering partner and see what can be done. @Bond I have sent you an email regarding it.

Hi @“Rowan at Bulb”, I got your message and just replied to it! Thanks in advance!

Hi @“Rowan at Bulb”, can I get an update on this issue? I’ve sent an email asking if there were any news but didn’t get any reply…