Economy 7 meter reading

Hi i have a meter that shows 2 different rates (i have storage radiators) the previous meter showed a low and normal rate -but now I’ve had a new meter fitred and it shows as 1 and 2 but i have no idea which is the day/night raading (low/normal) can anyone help clarify? I’m sure something is wrong as my day rate seems really high but i never have the heating on during the day and i only live in a 1 bedroomed flat!

Hi there @Petula the best way to tell which is the day and which is the night is to take two readings an hour or two apart during the day (or the night, if you prefer) and see which one’s moving, that’ll be the day (or night) reading. If it looks like there’s something wrong and we have your reads the wrong way around, or your usage is going up way too fast, please do get in touch to let us know on

Economy 7
Manual Two rate Meter Readings (Day & Night Readings):

It is now August 11 2020 and after resolving the swapped meter readings for the second time, it has now happened a third time. Please can you make sure that the estimated readings are aligned with the corrected readings. I am unable to submit my meter readings due to the swapped meter readings.

There is something wrong with the way you estimate readings. Please can you fix this?
My day reading (#2) flashes during the day and my night reading (#1) does not. I know how to read my meter, but the estimated readings are constantly wrong.

Please can you correct this so I can submit my actual readings. If Bulb cannot get it’s estimated readings right, then I would not feel happy with a smart Meter as I would have even less control over the readings sent.

Hi @Conrad143, I have corrected both the readings from 24/07 and entered the readings you gave via email for today onto your Bulb account. I’ve also checked on your Bulb account under the ‘Submit a meter reading’ page, and it’s showing the correct readings as the last submitted readings too, so hopefully there shouldn’t be any more issues going forwards.