Economy 7 Meter Readings on IHD

Can anyone tell me how to get both Rate 1 and Rate 2 readings on my IHD?

Thank you

I think the question should be

Can anyone tell Bulb how to get both Rate 1 and Rate 2 reading on the IHD

It something they need to to sort but don’t seem to acknowledge the issue let alone sort it.

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I’d also like to know why I can’t see any differentiation on the online account. I was told my Economy 7 status would not be impacted by having a smart meter installed so why is there now only one electricity reading?

I believe that you can get a Rate 2 (night) cumulative reading from the Meter if you keep pressing button A, WHEN you are in a Rate 2 period of time i.e. in the middle of the night.
Sort of defeats the object of having an IHD.

My IHD shows the correct night rate when the night rate is in operation, as it does when the day rate is being used.
Not a very helpful way of finding out if the meter is working correctly! Not very smart…

That’s pence per kWh and cumulative cost I presume bill6768 . Mine does too, but does yours show the cumulative year to date kWh usage for the night rate at night? Mine just shows the overall total (day and night) usage all the time. I need this split into day total and night total so that I can keep a tight grip on my usage day and night separately.

Now if Bulb could give us access (online will do) to our hour by hour usage that would be great. They must have it if they are reading our meters every 30 minutes.

Yes pence per kWh. I didn’t go through all the options when I was awake at 1am looking for the night rate to check it was actually changing to it! I couldn’t see any other way of checking that the meter was using the 2 rate tariff. You might have expected a smart meter IHD to show you your usage for the different rates.

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I was told when they came to fit smart meters that I would lose economy 7, I would just be on one rate! I declined the not so smart meters!

My smets2 meters were installed 3 weeks ago and the engineer told me that bulb would set it up for economy 7. It took them a few days but they did it. Only problem is that the IHD only shows a combined (day and night) total of kWh used.

isn’t it supposed to let you just toggle?