Economy 7 meter readings wrong way round

I was asked to submit meter reading today, I went to the help as I couldn’t remember which button to press. The help said “For 2 rate (Economy 7) electricity meters:
Press 6 a few times until you see ‘IMP R01’ followed by a reading. This is usually your night (or off-peak) reading.
Press 6 again until you see ‘IMP R02’ followed by a reading. This is usually your day (or peak) reading.”
I have been submitting my readings the opposite way around peak in the peak amount and Off-peak in the peak amount" Please can someone contact me to help sort this out. Regards Chris

Surely, if you submit them again, correctly, they’ll sort themselves out?

Hi @chris.haden,

A good way to work out which rate is which is by doing a Space Test! How to conduct a Space Test:

  1. Please take a photo after 9am of both rates 1 and 2.
  2. Please take another photo 4 hours later, or any time before 9pm.
  3. Once you have all 4 photos, you can work out which rate moved and that is your day rate

If that lines up with what you’re being billed to, great! If not, pop me a message here and we can get that sorted for you.


Thanks Georgie, I’ll try it tomorrow.

Out of interest are the 9am and 9pm times linked to the Economy 7 changeover?

Regards Chris

No, those are just times that are well away from the off-peak times (ie by conducting the test within those limits, you can’t “accidentally” bump into the off-peak time, and only one meter value should increase).

@chris.haden @stevefoster is correct here!

If you would like me to confirm your peak/off-peak times then let me know and I can get this sent over to you.

Hi Jim, I checked the rates on the meter peak and off peak and they are opposite to the guidance on the ‘Reading the meter help’ so my original submission was correct and therefore the bill I have received this morning is correct. Many thank for all the input. Regards Chris

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