Economy 7 meter switch to standard meter

I am just in the process of switching supplier. I recently moved into a house that used to have storage heaters which the previous owner had removed but had kept the Economy 7 meter. I told my previous supplier that I longer wanted a day and night tariff, and wanted to go on a std tariff, which after much fuss they agreed to switch me too. I just tried to submit my last reading through your site and found that I am again being asked for both readings. Can I just add both readings on my meter and submit that in the day field. I would like to sort this out before switching as I had so much trouble with the last supplier.

Hi @Vulcanspotter, if you switch from an E7 to a standard tariff with Bulb then you still submit both readings as you would do normally, but they add them together and charge you the standard rate for both.

Physically having the meter changed would cost around £100.

On your MyBulb details page it will tell you what tariff you’re currently on.

Thanks for the info very useful.

Hi @Vulcanspotter, @mowcius is absolutely correct. Let us know if you want to switch between the normal E7 tariff or just the standard single rate tariff!