Economy 7 meter to single rate meter

Just wondering if anyone can help. I’ve got an economy 7 meter which give me day and night rates but I hardly used electricity at night.I phoned bulb and asked them to change my meter to a single rate meter. Initially I was told,it will be a free charge but suddenly I’ve been told there will be a charge of £120 pound for this service.

Has anyone gone through this experience?. I am thinking of moving to a new supplier if this is the case


Bulb have all the information for this on the help pages, so you don’t need to wait for replies from anyone.


As you’ve been told, the cost is £120 to replace a non-faulty meter. You can most likely get this done for free if Bulb are installing smart meters in your area, and if you don’t object to them.

Why can’t bulb just take the day reading and the night reading and charge the same rate for both of them at the same rate as their single rate tariff??

Because they’re incompetent? (there is no good reason that they couldn’t)

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