economy 7 meters

I am in the process of switching to Bulb. For historical reasons, I have 2 economy 7 meters. In the past, other energy suppliers have been unable to cope with 4 meter readings (Normal and Night/low readings per meter). Can Bulb’s computer systems cope with 4 electricity meter readings and a gas reading?

Hi @cbeaze1 welcome to the wonderful world of slightly confusing energy setups! Your setup is exceptionally rare.

The answer to that question is quite complex and we’ll have to do some digging to find out whether it will work or not. I feel confident in saying that you won’t be able to enter your readings online. What’s unclear at the moment is how our billing system will interpret it and whether everything else will work as it should. We haven’t been sent your meter technical details yet, so we can’t see right now. So we’ll do some digging.

While we’re digging it would be very useful to have some more info. Do you know what is each register measuring? You have 4 registers, but only 2 different rates. So it could just be a case of adding some of them together and using that.

To expand a bit further, and bore you (potentially) with some history. We moved in to our property in 1974 when we got married - and we are still here! The house is a semi with electric ceiling heating - a rubber-based membrane situated between ceiling joists which when an electric potential is applied generates radiant heat which warms everything underneath it. The commercial name for this was “Flexcel” and was invented by ICI. There are thermostats in each room and in the hall and landing, and, of course, there are no radiators. In those days many houses had “white meters” which were designed for overnight storage radiators using cheaper overnight tariffs (I don’t know why ours was put on this tariff). Our Flexcel heating system was on one circuit with a white meter, all other electrical devices, which include an electric immersion heater and the kitchen cooker, were on another white meter and the electricity board (pre-privitisation) which supplied the electricity was MANWEB. We did not have any gas appliances. This is why we have 2 registers (or meters as I still call them) with rates which switch between “normal” and “low” according to the time when the electricity is consumed - hence 4 readings. I see that Bulb doesn’t have economy 7, or 8, so the rate would be the same for each meter and the readings could all be added together? Our immersion heater is on a timer which is set to use the last 4 hours of low rate electricity to heat our hot water supply and has double lagging - there would be no reason, other than convenience, to retain the timer. There is no central heating boiler (which astounds cold callers who want to replace it!). Electricity is expensive for space heating, even with the ceiling heating system, so we now have a gas fire in the living room. EON, our current supplier, ran into problems with 4 readings, and it took them about 18 months to get their computer system to accept them (and the write-off of 12 months electricity bills ordered by the ombudsman) hence my query to you before the switch is complete.
Any further information you require?