Economy 7 off peak hours for me

can you please tell me the off peak hours for skegness area thanks

Off peak cheaper but the rest of the time costs more and off peak is 7 hours through the night i believe.

Hi @kw1 :wave:

Economy 7 timings do vary depending on the meter type/set up and location. I have had a look and for your property your economy 7 times are as follows:

Off-Peak: 0030-0730
Peak: 0000-0030, 0730-2400

I hope this helps, if you have any other questions please let me know.

Hi @patjune50 :wave:

Thats correct the off-peak usage is cheaper, however, the standard day usage is more expensive than a single rate tariff. The hours do differ but as a rule of thumb occur during the night time hours similar to those above.

– Luke :bulb:

hi luke thanks for reply :slightly_smiling_face: