Economy 7 off peak - huge price increases

First joined bulb under 12 months ago when the night time rate was just over 7p. It’s now over 12p, a 70% increase.

I use approx 75% of my energy off peak, so this has hit hard.

Energy prices haven’t increased 70% in 12 months. Anyone on a eco 7 meter have a look at EDF’s fixed rates, miles better than bulb.
Wish I switched months ago

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EDF’s night rate is 8p fixed for 1 year, 66% cheaper than bulb

Hi @Chris96

We don’t offer fixed tariffs as our pricing reflects the true cost of energy, which is why costs have changed recently.

We do bill you to meter readings so I recommend submitting those as often as possible to keep the bills accurate, as if you submit one after a long period (say more than 3 months gap) it could lead to a bill jump if we’ve underestimated how much you’d use over that time.

We’re sorry to hear you’re thinking about leaving and would hope to see you back perhaps in the future :blush: