Economy 7 off peak times

Hi can anyone tell me what the off peak times are for an economy 7 meter at Bulb

Hi Allison,

You don’t have an economy 7 meter, your meter is off-peak for 13 hours each day, as such we can only put you on a single rate agreement because we don’t have a tariff for your kind of supply.

Our single rate in this instance is 12.478p per kWh

If this isn’t best for you then just let us know and we can send your supply back to your previous supplier.


Em… not quite understanding as the tariff prices were showing as two different rates when I signed up to switch. So can you please clarify.? Also it was Economy 10 I was on before and not 7 - my mistake!

hi Allison - No problem at all. At Bulb, we supply Economy 7 meters with the rates that you were quoted, but if your meter is off-peak for longer than that, I’m afraid that we don’t have a corresponding deal for it. With customers with these types of meter, we offer you our ‘1-rate conversion’ tariff, which takes your two readings, but charges both reads at our flat rate for single-rate customers, quoted above by my colleague James. I’m sorry that this wasn’t picked up sooner in your switch. If you are very keen to be billed for two rates, we would be able to send your meter back to your old supplier. Thanks - Ella :slight_smile:

Thank you.I will see how things go with the one rate for now.

Hi @Aburt

No problem let us know if you change your mind :slight_smile: