economy 7 question


my storage heaters switch on around midnight and turn off at 7am,does this mean that from midnight just the heaters are on cheaper electric or the whole house…ie…washer…dryer…etc?

also,i f removed the storage heaters and replace them with standard electric heaters would they work 24/7 or only at midnight to 7am?


Hi @dobberville Your whole house will be on the cheaper rate between those hours, so if those appliances have delay start times and you can set them to work between those hours then this will be cheaper for you.

I used to live in a flat with economy 7 meters, however the previous owner had replaced the storage heaters with standard electric heaters,therefore to answer your second question, yes they do work 24/7, it was just cheaper for me to heat my hour during the night than the day, however being at work during the day it didn’t bother me if the property was cold.