Economy 7 Scottish Islands, Prepayment Meter and Referral Credit


My husband recently inherited the family home in the Western Isles and I got him to sign up with my referral link. He has economy 7 and a prepayment meter (without any debt) and there have been a few issues.

  1. SSE held up the switch (something about meter numbers), but he still got a new meter key (with a Bulb sticker on it) and followed the instructions to start using the goodness that is Bulb, but…
  2. Our referral credit has not been applied and the referral has disappeared from my account, despite both of us receiving confirmation emails… What happened here?
  3. He now can’t login to his account on Bulb, only the member community… Is this because it’s a prepayment meter?
  4. The economy 7 times are not written on the meter, they’re not the usual times either, with the storage heaters going on and off throughout the day and night… How can I find out the on/off peak times and are they being billed on the meter at the correct rate?
  5. He can only add £50 at a time onto the meter key, which seems very low… Is this normal or should it be higher?
  6. The paypoint receipts don’t say Bulb on them, they appear to say E.on… Is this normal or should it say Bulb?
  7. The amount he’s paying has dropped dramatically since using the Bulb meter key… But can I check the rate on the prepayment meter itself?

We’re happy with the lower prices, but we’re also a bit confused. I’m sorting this out, as the switch was my idea and he’s usually busy at work/commuting by ferry… Does anyone have any insight or can someone from customer service help me?

Ta, Laurence