Economy 7 Smart Meter

I have booked to have a smart meter fitted in August.
I am on economy 7, I take it I can still have 2 rates with a Smart meter.

I am in the same boat my friends husband works for n power fitting smart meters n he told me you cannot have a smart meter if you have a 2 meter ( economy 7 ) he said that was for all companies I would like one tho as my meter is 7 foot high

Hi @ianbrown121

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Don’t worry, we can install 2-rate smart meters and if your meter is 2-rate now your shiny new smart meter will be too. I take it you’ve been enjoying the benefits of a night time tariff?

Hi @casinoang

It seems strange your friend’s husband has said that. He may be referring to 5-terminal smart meters, which is a different sort of meter used for storage/immersion heaters. These also have 2-rates, but not all 2-rate meters are 5-terminal meters.

There aren’t currently 5-terminal smart meters being manufactured as I understand, but we hope they will be in the coming months.

Thanks Curtis I do have a timer on my immersion heater that comes on in the cheap period that’s maybe what he meant my landlord won’t let me have smart meter as doesn’t want holes drilled in walls thanks for reply tho

That’s great, thanks.
Full steam ahead with the Smart Meter then.

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Hi @CJ_at_Bulb,
We used to have 2-rate meter, and had a smart meter installed by Bulb in Q4 2019. I assumed we would remain on 2-rate tariff, but I just noticed that since it went active we’ve been on single rate VariFair tariff.
Can I switch back to 2-rate tariff please? (we regularly charge an EV, run washing machines, dishwasher, immersion heater etc at night as it was cheaper etc).

Hi @CJ_at_Bulb
You said in the chat above my new meter would be duel rate. When the guy fitted it he said it takes a while for you to switch it over to duel rate. We have had the smart meter a couple of months now and are still only on a single rate.
Do you know when it should kick in?

Hi @ianbrown121

Sorry for any confusion from the engineer. Your smart meter has been sending us dual readings since it was installed so there’s nothing to worry about here :+1: