Economy 7 storage heaters

I don’t think Economy 7 storage heaters are economical at all! It’s a myth, as my electric bill during the winter is ridiculously high. Does anyone else experience this?

Depends entirely on your storage heaters and how well insulated your home is.

I have pretty modern storage heaters, the newest Dimplex Quantum ones, just set the temperature and times etc and they manage the amount of energy they have dumped in to them automatically and adjusts it depending on how much / little has been released and the temperature of the room, they were installed just before I got this council flat 8 months ago.

I have 2 in the lounge, one in the hall and one in the bedroom. Once the fabric of the house heats up, can take a few days when the temperature first drops, i then spend about £1 - £1.50 a day to keep the flat at 18 / 19c throughout the day / night all winter.

My neighbour has older heaters that just dump a load of energy in to the bricks and aren’t as efficient and have little control, they end up with the house boiling over night and first thing in the morning and then cold in the evenings, she spends up to £4 a day.