Economy 7 Submitted Readings

Does bulb have a problem managing submitted readings online for Economy 7 readings? When I login and go to usage, it only shows the day reading I submitted, despite me having submitted both day and night readings the same day (3 times actually). Is this an ongoing issue for economy 7 customers when it comes to submitting readings and being able to view submitted readings correctly online. There does seem to be some kind of issue, and I would appreciate a response of some kind. Surely, if you are promoting Economy 7 tariffs, your systems should be able to cope? We had the same issue with our previous supplier, and are worried the same thing is going to happen again. Please HELP!!!

Hi there, Tracy. Don’t worry- our system is totally able to cope with E7 meters! Your account with us hasn’t fully opened yet, but when it does, you will see the correct information displayed. Your first reads don’t leave ‘pending’ until your Supply Start date, but don’t worry- your meter’s configuration is all good to go. :slight_smile: