Economy 7 tarif

Any one know about bulbs economy 7 tarif

Go here and tick “I have an Economy 7 meter for my electricity” when looking up the tariff costs for your area. Not difficult?

Thanks fault i wasnt clear enough with my question.what i mean is…the meter has become faulty and needs changing(not flicking over to night time)bulb say they will send an engineer out but they no longer provide economy 7 ??

Ah, I see. As I understand it the issue isn’t that they no longer provide E7 meters, it’s that there aren’t any E7 meters available any more. Other suppliers might still have stock. You’ll be able to still have E7 from Bulb via a smart meter, since these are remotely configurable between single and multi-rate tariffs. If you don’t want a smart meter, then you’re a bit stuck.

While technically it’s optional to have a smart meter, this sort of problem will happen more frequently as old traditional meters fail, and manufacturers no longer make anything other than smart meters. At that point people will have a choice between accepting the only meter available or terminating their service supply.

Is this available Bulb? This seems a better option than your smart tariff for EV owners.


The smart tariff works out marginally cheaper for me, YMMV of course.

Hmmmm checking the forums and seems lot of issues with smart meters etc
And i dont see the point of changing to economy 10 (to pay for meter change going in and again on going out and) paying 20p a unit…all because bulb dont have the meter but others do☺
So i think i am better off with my old supplier👍

You are right on the smart meter issue. However, mine seems to be working now after bulb updated the IHD firmware over my wifi connection. So I am now looking for a cheaper out of hours tariff for EV charging. Economy 10 is not available in England. So options are Bulbs smart tariff or possibly E7 via their smart meter if this is available.
I need an answer from Bulb before I decide on the next move.

Dont hold your breath for a reply from bulb we r still waiting for a response from them since the clocks changed and we found out the night rate meter was clicking overand notified bulb immediately

Correction was not clicking over

I have had more response on this chat in 18hrs :expressionless: