Economy 7 tariff times

Hi, I’m struggling with figuring out when my meter is on ‘night’ tariff mode. The meter doesn’t give any info and is in a separate area to my apartment so not easy to listen for clicks etc. Could I be told via this forum?

And also is it the same once we leave BST?

Many thanks

Hi @j.c.g and welcome to our community :deciduous_tree:

I’ve found your account and your night rate timings is:

:bulb: All days from 00:30-07:30 :bulb:

Also, your meter will never change to BST. With this type of meter the clock won’t adjust.

If you have anymore questions, please fire away :fire:

So, when you say 00:30-07:30, presumably you mean GMT, and therefore 01:30-08:30 when BST applies.

My tip for this scenario: leave timer controls for overnight appliances permanently on GMT - don’t adjust them in March/October when altering your other clocks.

Thanks for clarifying that for me. Strange I tested my storage heaters for the first time last night and they were on by 11.30pm. Might have to get that looked at.

Noah, is there anywhere that Economy 7 hours are published? And are they affected by choice of supplier or where you live or something else?

Hi @stevefoster - I don’t believe that there are any places that Economy 7 hours for non-smart meters are published, which is odd honestly because it definitely benefits members to know when they energy is being charged at which rate.

Your Economy 7 rates generally depend on the meter themselves (for non-smart meters), so supplier choice doesn’t generally affect the E7 rates. However, with smart meters comes the possibility for suppliers to change the E7 rates, to change customers between 1-rate and 2-rate, and so on.

For second generation (SMETS2) smart meters installed by Bulb that are on a 2-rate tariff, their E7 hours will be 00:30-07:30 for the night rate, and the rest of the day for day rate. It’s also worth noting that this is Greenwich Mean Time (GMT), so this doesn’t move with Daylight Savings Time. As a result, their meters will run their night rate from 01:30-08:30 after the last weekend in March until the last weekend in October.

Thanks for that, Lou. :+1:

Perhaps you might consider adding the information to your Help pages somewhere…

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How do i find out my own economy 7 hours please

Hi @RichyRich64!

I’ve taken a look, and your peak hours are 0700-2400 and your off-peak hours are 0000-0700 :slightly_smiling_face:

@stevefoster I’ve raised this with the team who writes our help pages, so we should hopefully get this up there shortly! :raised_hands:t2:

My meter shows two rates (E1 and E2) but it was not until last month that I could be sure which rate was which. I have not been with Bulb for very long, but my 2 previous suppliers never identified which rate was which and I have (finally) established that my E1 and E2 rates were working the wrong way round and had been for many years. Thanks to Bulb for helping to identify the problem and offering to sort it out.

Hi Jim,

Could you please tell me my peak and off peak times?

Kind regards,


@algordon I’m so glad to hear this has been sorted for you. If there’s anything else we can help with, let us know.

@stephenjaboyd I’ve sent you a private message with this information now.

Can you tell me HOW it has been fixed, please. Will it be corrected by billing or will the “E1 and E2” meter readings be changed? When I look at my meter, I notice that E2 is registering all day, and E1 only registers after 0030GMT and until 0730GMT ( I assume!). Do the E1 and E2 terms ALWAYS apply to the same rates for every supplier? How could my meter have been showing the incorrect rates for so long?

Hi @algordon,

Some suppliers can sometimes bill to different registers, but it sounds like in your case this may have also been wrong with them. The best way to check would be to send them over your space test and they can check if they had the registers the right way round! My colleague helping you with your case should be able to advise further about your specific case too.