Economy 7 tariff

Recently joined Bulb and i am happy with the switch no problems with my smart meter all functioning the way its suppose to. Just want to bring to the forum my feelings regarding good old economy 7 or should i say used to be.During the past year or so the cost has gone through the roof with night rates exceeding with the majority of the big 6, 12 pence off peak being around the norm and 22 pence during the day what a joke. with night rates exceeding the price of gas by around 3 or 4 times I consider my self lucky i do have the benefit of gas central heating however i hate it and prefer to use my storage rads which work superbly well warmth 24 hours a day my beef is very simple 1.5 million homes rely on off peak energy for heating however most suppliers are now focusing their sights on the electric car market forgetting the people who as i said rely on the energy for their home comfort Storage heaters have been balancing the base load since the mid 60s and is still the largest collective thermal store in the country so come on don’t let economy 7 be forgotten people are still reliant on this tariff, if off peak electric can be offered to electric car owners for 5 pence a kilowatt why cant they do the same for the rest of us.mark my words the future will be electric i just dont want to see people being stung!! I will say Bulb are by far the cheapest supplier thats why I divorced EDF

Typically these very low rate “EV” tariffs have only a short duration, e.g., just 4 hours, rather than the longer 7-10 hours of Economy 7/10 tariffs.

It’s important to remember that so-called “EV tariffs” don’t actually require you to have an electric vehicle. If the 4 hours of night rate is sufficient to fully charge your storage heaters (it probably isn’t) then there’s nothing preventing you from having that tariff.

I will say Bulb are by far the cheapest supplier

I’m pretty sure that’s no longer true for any area of the UK. Of course, the choice of supplier isn’t necessarily determined by what’s cheapest.

Hi Hooioovoo many thanks for your response EDF have a go electric tariff that offers 96 hours a week off peak at 8 pence per kilowatt, day rate 18 pence From 9 pm to 7am Mon to Fri and all weekend at just 8 pence , like i said i divorced EDF for miss selling me a smart meter I lost a very good tariff They would not let me have the tariff due to not owning an electric vehicle if you have a suitable vehicle your self you need to transfer I know you will study what i am saying I have always worked around a time of use tariff and i now seem at a loss turning things off all the time any help or advice to help people would be very welcome just one more thing suppliers need to see evidence of your electric vehicle However Bulb do not maybe the smart tariff from Bulb would soften the blow a little however it is expensive

News to me. So it does,

Own or lease an electric vehicle, or have one on order - we’ll ask for evidence when you sign up to the tariff

How annoying. I’ve not seen any others that have such a clause.

I tried a quote. Since they can’t read my smart meter, they offered me a single rate until the meter has been migrated to the DCC. This was 11.88p/kWh and 28.33p/day. The unit rate is excellent but the standing charge is rather high. I think I’ll stick with Bulb for now. I achieve a slightly better average rate via the smart tariff, and the standing charge is lower.

What are you plans? If your Bulb smart meter is all working properly, I believe they do now offer normal Economy 7. Bulb will be able to remotely reconfigure your meter to dual rate. Have you asked them about this?

Hello again I am currently on the economy 7 tariff with Bulb They are the cheapest on the market .They are able to read my smets2 meter every 30 mins. I would like to try the smart tariff however it is unavailable for my meter type My intention is to get a suitable tariff that is fairly priced so i think i will keep my eyes open and study the market the night rate is still expensive What i would like to see is a revamp of the tariff that offers an early afternoon boost for an hour or so Bulb does state that it is able to supply off peak for 8 hrs 30 mins a day at the off peak rate any more ie economy 10 would be charged at standard day rate they could possibly tweek my smart meter to offer me an extended period or am i wishful thinking or food for thought i will keep posting to see if Bulb take note wish me look