Economy 7 - Times and electric car


I now have an electric car and I have an Economy 7 meter. I would like to charge the car at the cheaper rate in the evening. Please could you let me know what are the start and end times for the cheaper rate.

Also do you give any discounts or incentives for having an electric car.

Thank you

I believe they vary across the country.

Check your meter when in use to confirm.

@phproxy good info and tips! Different meters in the same area will have different off-peak periods. The only way to be sure is to test it as you suggest, or to get in contact with Team Bulb!

@ziaqadri I have emailed you with your off-peak period. We do not offer any rewards for owning an electric car, but you do get a nice big salute from Team Bulb! Big respect!


Thank phproxy for the information. It was very helpful.

James_d - please could you email me the information again as I had an issue with my email a few days ago.

Thank You

Hi @ziaqadri,

I have resent the email, Just in case it doesn’t send again you are off peak between 00:30am and 7:30am

Happy car-charging