Economy 7 times and smart meter

I’ve emailed so many times now to bulb and no reply, when I call the line cuts off as it says my call is not an emergency! Quite frustrated after being hit with a huge January bill too if about 200 which is high for a one bed flat with storage heaters which I don’t use anyway! No dishwasher just washing machine tv and boiler!

Anyway my question: what time is economy 7 in zone 2 London? The answers online are inadequate with huge variation!!! I’m a nurse so don’t want to be doing my laundry at midnight if I could actually be doing it at 10pm!!!

Also how do I check if I am on the economy 7 tariff? I had a smart meter installed today and thought I could check by that but it’s more complicated than I thought.

Hi @spencestokes8,

I’m sorry that you couldn’t get through to speak to us on the phone. Since the start of COVID, we’ve received a high volume of emergency call-ins, which is why we had to make the hard decision to dedicate our phone lines to emergencies only for now.

A great question indeed though.

Your day and night rate times are as follows:

  • Day: 07.30 - 24:00 (GMT)
  • Night: 00.30 - 07.30 (GMT)

Hope this helps :slightly_smiling_face:

What happened between 2400 and 00:30

Also how much are the charges for peak and off peak for London?

Also how do I see this in my smart meter?