Economy 7 timings

Hi, I live in the north west where economy 7 timings are meant to start at 12:30am according to Bulb. However, my storage heaters kick in at 10:30pm so I find myself paying for 2 hours of electricity at premium rate. Any idea how I can change this?
Thanks, Rob

The timing clock that controls your storage heaters is likely to be under your control, the meter doesn’t control the appliances.

If you live in a building with more than one tenancy (as I do) there will be a timing clock near the meters that controls the storage heaters coming on and going off times. Similarly, there will be a timing clock somewhere in your home that is controlling the storage heaters on/off times - it’s likely to be near to the main fuse box - wherever you live.

If you have a landlord it’ll be their responsibility to make the changes if you are unable to do it yourself.

The meter (who’s internal clock I would suggest you check anyway to make sure it’s at the correct time - that is Bulbs responsibility) only switches between Night Rates & Day Rates, it doesn’t control any appliances.