Economy 7 Too long to remove from my bills

I asked in November to stop the Economy 7 part of my tariff. I was advised that a different meter was required. Later when asked if i would like a Smart meter and agreed to do this i went back to bulb and advised them that this was happening so that they could look at the ecomomy 7 part again. It is now September and i am still on Economy 7 which means my day rate is higher. I have tried to communicate with Chelsea and Noshile to get this resolved. I keep getting. Sorry we aren’t doing that right now. Really? Why not? I see from the community that you are installing new meters (posts just 4 days ago on here). I am paying for something i dont need and have been asking to stop since November.
I went onto to USwitch today and tried to move away but cant because Bulb haven’t told the national database that i have a smart meter. Funny i have a digital smart meter ticking away quite happily in my lounge telling me how much i have spent today. I think 10 months is quite enough time to wait Bulb. Would you please fix my tariff as i would love to stay with you or fix the database so i can sadly move away.

have you tried raising a formal complaint?
if not, try

Hi @andrew.brent Welcome to Bulb Community :wave:

With regards to the national database I can confirm that both the gas and electricity meter details are up to date. The issue may be with the other supplier’s internal database not having the latest information on it.

Unfortunately we’re not yet able to switch 2 rate tariffs on smart meters to a single rate. We’re working with the meter manufacturers on a way to do this, as we appreciate that some of our members will benefit from the change.

Yes thanks. I did. . . . . . . . . .

As a software engineer i find this rather wierd.
Here is the response i got from Octopus when i asked the question.

Hi Andrew

Thanks for your email.

We will just need to put you on a fixed rate instead of 2 rates. We would not change the meter.

Hope you’re keeping well - please take care.

Kind regards,

Octopus Energy

Wow, octopus answer these email things??

Yes they answered my email to them asking what would they do with my meter.

Hi @andrew.brent it sounds like Octopus would also not be able to change the rate on the meter itself and would instead bill both your day/night rates at the same rate instead.

We don’t do this, because we buy our energy based on your meter type. To ensure fair billing we also need to bill you on this basis, so that some members don’t end up subsidising the lower bills of others.