Economy 7 Two Tariff Meter Readings

My meter readings have been swapped again - Night Tariff Reading swapped with Day Tariff Reading, on the BULB Energy Useage records.

Can someone from BULB (Curtis) please correct this as I cannot enter the correct readings. My Day Meter Reading is the #2 reading - which flashes during the day indicating it is a Day Reading, and the #1 reading only flashes during the Night.

I have storage heating and no Gas Supply, so I do not wish to be charged the Day rate for Storage Heating.

If someone from BULB can look at the readings they will notice that my manually entered readings from August got swapped in September when Estimated readings were applied. Readings I entered in September - Manually were renamed Customer and swapped around. I am sure this is a mistake but it is a mistake that makes my energy cost unsustainable.

I was assured this would not happen again but it has happened several times.

Please fix make the necessary correction for me. Otherwise, organise a Meter Inspection to finally sort this issue.

Thank you.

Conrad Jones
Meter serial number: D09B09751
Surrey, SM2 7LQ

Hi @Conrad143,

I am sorry to see that your readings are transposed. When this happens, it is not enough for us to just change this on our system, the energy industry also needs to be updated.

When you submit meter readings, we send off this information to the industry data collectors for validation. It is their systems that have got your readings transposed, so we need to update them to stop this from happening again.

I will talk to Curtis now and we will get this sorted for you.


I am in the same boat. I reported this last Thursday (9th) and sent the photos taken as proof to Nina at Bulb last Friday (10th). I chased by email on Saturday and live chat on Monday and I have still not had a response to tell me what is going on.

How long do these issues take to resolve, as at the moment I am being incorrectly billed and it makes a significant difference to the account when the readings are transposed.

Please can someone respond and get this moving please.

Thanks Phil

Hi @PhilP,

I’m really sorry for the delay in response here, but I can see that your bills have been sorted out for you now by my colleague. These issues can be complex to resolve, hence the delay in response, but I do agree you should have been kept updated better! Please let me know here if you still have any concerns about your billing.

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Thanks Georgie. Yep all sorted finally.

Bulb managed to swap my readings from correct to incorrect at least 4 times and “resolve” it each time. After the next time I gave up and am moving to another supplier next week.

Someone from Bulb rang me to ask why I was leaving. I just told her to read my file.

So best of luck if you think its resolved. I wouldn’t bet on that lasting

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Same situation with myself … I’ve had 24 statement corrections since May …my readings are transposed every month and now they are saying my £190 credit is wrong and it’s £206 in debit… not a chance …I know how much I use each month

Hi @chrismc50,

If your readings are being transposed every month, it can be an issue with our data collectors holding the wrong details about your meter - but its nothing we can’t solve. I’ve raised this with my billing team, and have popped you an email to make sure this gets sorted as a priority.

Hi Sam,

It’s now 21st November 2020 and - again! my Meter readings have been swapped.
I cannot enter my actual readings for Night and Day as the entry fields are looking for increases in both readings and as they have been swapped, the day reading is less than last time.

current last Day reading: 74776
current last Night reading: 45393

These should be:
last Day reading: 45393
last Night reading: 74776

This appears to have happened between 7 Sep 2020 and 9 Sep 2020.

I would like to enter the following Readings:
Day: 45,707 (Flashing - indicating that it is the Day Reading - Read 18:10 Evening)
Night: 77,086

Please make the necessary correction for me. Otherwise, organise a Meter Inspection to finally sort this issue.

Thank you.

Conrad Jones
Meter serial number: D09B09751
Surrey, SM2 7LQ

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Probably a good idea to REMOVE your postcode from a public forum

Morning Georgie.

Sorry to say the posts above are correct. Low and behold my readings have been reversed again as well and now I have to fight to get it changed again. What is going on? This is not acceptable and I do not expect to have to go through the weeks of chasing to get this sorted like I did last time.

Times are stressful enough at the moment without having this to cope with as well.

This may be the case, but customers need to be reassured that these issues are being dealt with and solved permanently. Unfortunately Bulb are not providing that reassurance at the moment and are causing undue anxiety and stress while we wait for responses from them.

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While attempting to enter my Night and Day Readings on the Bulb site, I am prevented to as the Day and Night Readings have been swapped. My Night Reading is 81618 and the Day Reading is 46060 (13 Jan 2021).

Electricity reading
Meter serial number: D09B09751
15 Jan 2021 – My Meter Readings:
Day: 46060 (Currently Bulb has last reading as74776 – should be 45393)
Night: 81618 (Currently Bulb has last reading as 45393 - should be 74776)

Please can you correct this for me?
As you know, this problem keeps reoccurring – is it possible to correct this permanently?


My meter readings are correct - why are my readings being manipulated by some incorrect simulation by a third party when this could be resolved by someone inpsecting my Meter to validate it against my readings. As the readings are swapped, you are effectively saying that my readings are incorrect and accusing me of not being able to read my own meter - dispite this issue being resolved a couple of times previously - which indicates that the Third Party “industry data collectors” have got their simuklations wrong. Why is Bulb so incapable of either believing it’s Customers or sending a Meter Inspector along to my property to verify for themselves? Bulb was reluctant to send a Meter Inspector - even before the Pandemic. Please can you speak to someone who has authority to fix this problem which effects some of your other customers too. We all have better things to do with our lives other than wasting time thansk to your “industry data collectors” who keep getting their facts wrong. Why are my readings swapped?

Hello @Conrad143

Thank you for letting us know this is still ongoing.

The reason these are being switched is because the data on your reads we have been given by the third party collectors is incorrect, which means they will keep being switched unless the third party has had their data corrected. We can definitely get this resolved for you, we’ve raised the request with the data collectors to ensure that the readings are recorded to the correct registers

I can see that one of our energy specialists are looking into this for you at the moment and I’ve popped them a message that this needs to resolved as a priority. Feel free to send them a reply to their email for an update at any point.

Freya @ Bulb :bulb:


My meter reading for economy 7 has not changed for more than a month. The daytime meter is changing as normal. I wonder whether my economy 7 is not coming on at all. What can I do to resolve please?

Hi @john.ticehurst

Welcome to the community :wave: :sunny:

I am going to pop you an email to discuss this further as I will need to request some photos.

Speak then :raised_hands:


P.s I am also going to merge this thread with a similar one so that we can keep everything tidy on the forum :smiley:

I haven’t had a reply to my email on 12/2. My night time meter is still not registering and night time usage still seems to be registering against my standard rate meter.

My day and night readings were transposed towards the end of 2020. I found this out when I got a bill for £538 for the month of January. On querying this, Chloe from Bulb asked for a space test from which it was ascertained that the readings had been transposed, apparently starting from when Bulb began reading my Generation 1 smart meter remotely from 10th November 2020. Bills were suspended until this was resolved, which it finally was (or so I thought) at the beginning of May 2021 when I received a bill for 24 months from the 1st May 2019 when I’d joined Bulb. According to this I’d used £686 of electricity for during the 24 months and was £368 in credit, which I got refunded. On the 18th June I received a 25 month bill saying I’d used £990.16 of electricity for that period and was £214 in debit, which I was able to pay off. Today (2nd July) I received a statement for June saying I’d used £518.06 for that one month! On querying this bill, I get another bill from 1st May 2019 to 30th June 2021 saying that I’d used £1507.80 for that perio, and that I am now £517.64 in debit! There is a huge list of Statement corrections on my Bulb app.

I’ve just entered a manual meter reading (10pm 2nd July). As R01 is currently highlighted on the meter, I’m assuming this is the day rate, and R02 is the night rate. Yet comparing the manual reading on the Bulb app with the smart readings (which I assume are the readings taken remotely by Bulb) the two readings are transposed. This is backed up by the Tarriff page on the in-home display, where the day rate is currently highlighted in bold. On reading this, I’ve just noticed the night rate is from 0130 to 0830. When I checked that a few months ago is was from 1230 to 0730. Problem is, I’ve had water and space heating on timers to account for this. I assume it is something to do with the clocks going forward? Was I supposed to manually adjust the meter, and if so, how?

I’ve only just recovered from severe mental health issues I’ve had since November last year, so this is the first time I’ve really sat down and analysed the problem.


@agorton1979 Hey Andrew :wave:

Thanks for reaching out on Community about this. We’re always happy to take a look and have a chat about what’s going on. :blush:

I’ve had a quick look and it looks like you recently did a space test which confirmed the day and night rates on the meter- day being 9— number and night the 5---- number. Chloe did correct this for you in April/May time so it looks like we have sorted out the billing for you as well and its correct up to date according to those readings which is why you received that consolidated bill.

In terms of the off peak times- If you have a 2 rate smart meter that Bulb can read, your off-peak hours will change automatically when the clocks change:

Greenwich Mean Time British Summer Time
England and Wales 12:30am to 7:30am 1:30am to 8:30am
Scotland 11pm to 7:30am 12:00am to 8:30am

Let us know if you have any further questions about the changes :bulb: