Economy 7 Two Tariff Meter Readings

Hi Holly, thanks for getting back.

Over the weekend Monwah has been in touch to help out. She requested another space test and it appears the readings have been transposed again, resulting in the erratic billing - I’ve had three consolidated bills since May, and and all have been wildly different as to how much I have been in credit or debit. I also tried entering readings manually and comparing them with the smart reading, and it appears that the smart reading are transposed, and not my manual readings. To clarify, I’ve been entering manual readings from when I joined Bulb in 2019 until when Bulb began reading my meter remotely in November 2020, and that’s when the problem started.

So when you say the consolidated bill is correct, which one are you referring to?

In any case, the problem has been sent up to both the metering team and billing team for investigation.

I’m very impressed with the response to this. Monwah has been in contact during the weekend and on evenings to help me resolve this.