Economy 7 - what time does night rate start?

I’ve noticed my Smart meter it showing 1am. Is this correct? If so, my storage heaters are burning an hr a day at day rate when they kick in at midnight.

Hey @mswan55 sorry to hear about the mismatch between heaters and timings.

I have just checked the way your meter is billed, its on the standard economy 7 timings this is the standard off peak timings for economy 7 meters (smart/non smart)

It does seem your night hours will switch on at 00:30 - 07:30

What time do you have your storage heaters to turn on for?

– Carl :bulb:


Thanks for your update.

My storage heaters kick in at midnight and stop at 7am. Can the timing of the Economy 7 your side be changed to 11:59 to 7am please? I’ve inherited and cannot afford to replace them unfortunately😪

Many thanks


Are you sure the heaters are actually coming on at the time you say and not when the meter switches over?

Usually, the circuitry is off until the meter switches over.

Hi @mswan55,

Unfortunately we would not be able to change the timing,

> The off-peak hours for Economy 7 meters usually fall somewhere between 10pm and 8am.

The actual hours vary across the country, and they depend on the type of meter you have too.

Your off-peak hours may not be in one continuous time period. And your peak and off-peak hours may also change when the clocks change (for example, your meter might switch rates an hour later during British Summer Time). Again, this depends on your meter. As Carl mentioned your night hours will switch on at 00:30 - 07:30.

I hope this information helps, please do let me know if you have any further questions.

–Suki :hibiscus:

Hi, I’ve stayed up to check and definitely start at midnight. At least that’s when smart meter shows it. The storage heaters are old and I can’t find anywhere to change timings unfortunately.

Thanks for your help


Thanks for your help.

12.30 seems very late for Economy 7 rate to kick in in Winter though. Or is this
national average?Especially when Understand Winter v Summer changes etc as I had an engineer/ plumber in in October to ensure immersion timings were ok. So I have a battle on 2 fronts really trying to get both systems to work with the meter timings.

But thanks for your input.


Older heaters never had clocks/timers built in. If they’re that old, they’ll only start to charge up once power is fed to them. This will only be once the smart meter switches over. The switch-over switches on the current to the heaters. If the power is on permanently, as you suggest, there’s no way the heaters would know it’s midnight!

Is there a light on the wall power supply to the heater that comes on to show the power is on? Does it come on when the meter switches over, or is it on permanently? If it’s on permanently, the paragraph above is relevant, and you’ve got telepathic heaters!!

If they’re starting to charge up at midnight, can you confirm this by seeing how fast the units are racking up on the meter? If the units start to rack up faster once the meter switches over at 1230, then you’ve got nothing to worry about.

Apologies for the long post, but I’m almost certain your heaters will only charge up once the meter switches over to the night rate. All older style heaters work like that.