Economy 7 - when switching from another supplier does not work

Switched from SSE, and now that I need to switch on my econonmy 7 heating, I find it is not working. So bulb have not kept their part of the contract to provide me with heating. The very least bulb could have done was to warn me that their setup is incompatible with SSE radio switching for economy 7 heating. Too quick to grab new customers and then we are left freezing to death. If you switch to bulb, get an undertaking from them that your economy 7 system is compatible with their system. I feel for the poor people manning the phones.

Hi @boerewors ,

This sounds very odd as, basically and oversimplified, Bulb are just really in charge of co-ordinating taking payment from customers and distributing it to the various parties who actually get the electricity to you (such as electrical plants, the National Grid and the local network operator) - so the fact the Economy 7 heating isn’t working is unlikely to be a Bulb related issue (unless SSE have installed an ‘SSE specific meter’ which will not work at all with any other supplier).

Have you actually contacted Bulb about this ( How to get in touch – Bulb ) - what did they say?