economy 7

I’ve heard the tariff is at economy 7 from midnight to 7am, but it can vary with region and supplier. How do I find out what my timings are?

You can check this map for your area, it’s not complete but will hopefully help.

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We’ve had a look at your account @ponnambalam and your E7 times are 11pm-7am for the night rate and 7am-11pm for the day rate.

Thanks for sharing that link @matthew744 :slight_smile:

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Thanks for sharing your comments.

You’re welcome @ponnambalam!

Could someone tell me what my timings are? thakns

hey @bryony9493- your night rate begins at 00:15 and ends at 7:15 :slight_smile:

How did everybody find out their times? It would be interesting to know… Mine doesn’t change with day light savings is this normal?

Hi @JoeBirss That is normal, meters don’t change with daylight saving, so you’ll need to factor this into your usage if you use the EC7 efficiently.

In terms of your timings, we won’t know these until we get some more details about your supply. We don’t have enough yet as you signed up yesterday!


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I was briefly on the Smart tariff which gave three readings (day, night and peak) so I imagine my meter is capable of handling Economy 7. Can you please confirm?
Also, what would be the hours for my E7 night rate now that the clocks have gone back?

Hey @tcarritt welcome to our Bulb community :wave:

We could certainly add you to the waiting list to be remotely changed to an Economy 7 tariff. It’s not something that we’re doing just yet so I can’t guarantee an exact time frame though.

The tariff prices can be found on our webpage, just be sure to enter your postcode and select the Economy 7 option :slightly_smiling_face:

Can anyone tell me when my day and night rates are?

Can anyone tell me when my day and night rates are. try this link