Economy 7 ?

Hi, when I joined Bulb they only asked for/was only space for one meter reading. We had economy 7 with our old supplier, therefore 2 readings, normal and low. Does this mean I don’t have economy 7 with Bulb? As most of our heavy load appliances are now programmed to come on in the low period.
Regards, Rob.

When you signed up for Bulb, it should given you the option for economy 7 meters. I had that option when i signed my mother up.

I am sure the good people at bulb can switch your tariff though but unless something has changed in the last few days Bulb defo offer an economy 7 tariff!

@robert8883 @darryl5653 is correct, thanks Darryl! But don’t worry, our system picked up that you have an E7 meter and has put you on a 2-rate agreement. Just check your welcome pack for the rates :slight_smile:

Thank you to both of you! Input and help very much appreciated!