Economy 7

Hi I’m new to bulb and I would like to know economy7 off peak time for my area. Thanks

@Koxue Economy 7 rates are typically 7 hours of night time between 10pm to 8am. If you already had an Economy 7 meter then it will stay the same times.

I am considering switching to Bulb. I currently have an economy 7 meter but don’t use much power in the evening.

Would I need to get it changed or do you simply add the two readings together and charge me the single rate?

Also do you offer smart meters?

@george_stevenson If you were to switch to Bulb with a two-rate meter we would have to put you on an E7 tariff. You could elect to have your meter exchanged for a single rate meter, however, there would be a charge of £120 for this. You could also wait and take one of our Smart meters for free when we are ready to install them. Currently, this looks to be about 4 months away.