Economy 7

How do I know if this is the tariff I am on. I submit 2 readings plus gas yet only see one figure on bill.

Hi there @JohnR if you go to the 3rd page of your bill, with the breakdown of your electricity usage each month, it’ll have all the details of your tariff. You should also be able to see the same in the ‘account and tariff info’ bit of your bulb account, and on your original welcome pack

Yes i see that but it does not give a day and night rate although I have to give two meter readings, i presumed I would be on a lower rate during the off peak hours.
On my bill the charge per kw is the same for both reading one and reading two.

Hi @JohnR Ah in that case it sounds like you’re on a one rate rather than a two rate agreement. I’ve taken a look at your account, and it looks like we were incorrectly told you had a one rate meter when you first signed up, so I’ve corrected that retrospectively and redone all of your bills to have the two rate tariff instead