Economy 7

We have just bought a new house and changed energy supplier to bulb. Apparently, we have Economy 7. Does anyone know how to get rid of this so we just have one day rate?

@RM1 Sorry to interrupt your question. I am curious why you wish to get rid of Economy 7. A year ago I moved into a house with Economy 7 and I love it. Night time electricity is considerably cheaper. I run my washing machine and dishwasher at nights, and it means that the fridge and freezer also run cheaper overnight. It switches between day and night at the appropriate times so you do not have to do any extra.

It’s possible they use the majority of power during the day (couple of computers running as they work from home, a couple of monitors, electric oven and as they are at home may as well do the washing + dishwasher as well) and very little at night and the ‘day rates’ on Economy 7 meters tend to be a bit higher.

@rm1 : I believe Bulb can do this for £120 - . However, with smart meters ‘being on the horizon’ (and I believe having the ability to be remotely switched between tariff measuring methods), it may be worth waiting - but it could be Q1/Q2 next year before the roll out reaches your area. If you do want to switch from Eco7 to a standard meter, contact and they’ll help.