Economy 7

I have an economy 7 meter, I have noticed that my day rate is very much more that my night rate. Unfortunately, due to my living in a flat, I am unable to use washing machine and other appliances during the hours of cheap rate. Therefore only the 2 night storage heaters and the hot water are on during these hours. I cook, dry washing by a heater and use TV, computer etc during expensive hours. Can you advise if this is the best meter for me and if not how do I change it and is it the landlord who has to make the decision and contact you as the owner, rather than me as the tenant I do speak to him frequently, and brought this matter up last month when I noticed the jump in daytime usage on my bill. Best regards, Elizabeth Draper

Firstly, I’m not sure if you’re aware but you’re posting on a public forum and not contacting Bulb directly via private communication. The replies on here will mostly be from other customers like myself, although Bulb staff do post occasionally.

To answer your question, I’m afraid you’re going to have to do some maths. You need to calculate both scenarios. Take your annual day and night usage and multiply by the appropriate day and night rates. Then take the sum of your usage, and multiply it by whatever rate you would be on with a single rate meter. You’ll be able to see easily which is cheaper.

I would not recommend doing this calculation on a monthly basis. You need to consider usage in the middle of winter when you are using your storage heaters the most. Electric heating is very expensive, and while it may appear you could make a saving over summer on a single-rate tariff, these savings could easily be wiped out over winter. So you need to consider your total annual usage.

if you post your usage figures someone will be able to help you with the calculations.

Bear in mind Bulb will charge you £120 to change your meter, so you need to factor this into your savings. There’s also a consideration that the supplier may outright refuse to change your meter unless you have installed a different source of heating, since with storage heaters you’re unlikely to be cheaper on a single rate.

I believe this is your decision as tenant but obviously it wont hurt to discuss with your landlord.

Hi @elzb16 ,

Whether Economy 7 is suitable for you is reasonably easy to check. If you’ve got a bill to hand (or your readings), just have a look at your total electricity usage (in KwH). Take that figure, go to Tariff | Bulb and enter your postcode to get the rates for NON-economy 7 electricity and multiple the KwH by the cost: if it’s considerably lower, it’ll be worth switching to ‘standard/single rate’ - if it’s higher, then stay on Economy 7. If it’s only just cheaper, it’s probably not worth switching.

If you do want to switch, it’ll cost £120 to change your meter ( Two rate meters (including Economy 7) – Bulb ) - I believe the landlord can’t actually stop you doing that (but it’ll be worth checking as they may have a clause in your contract that everything has to be ‘returned as is’ when you leave - so you might have to switch the meter back when you leave).

However, during 2019 Bulb will be rolling out SMETS2 smart meters FREE of charge and these can be remotely switched/toggled between ‘single rate’, ‘Economy 7’ or the new ‘Smart Meter Tariff’ rate (along with between ‘pre-pay’ and ‘credit’) so you might be better off just waiting for the smart meters (especially if the savings would be less than £120/per year).

Thank you both for your helpful replies. I will look deeper before making a decision.