Economy 7

Even though I have storage heaters on econmy 7, can be switched to a normal meager? Enonmy 7 is useless as it only gives out most of the heat during the day when we are not at home. It’s cold by 5pm.

Hi @niceandwarm,

You should be able to set the storage heaters timers to come on at the appropriate time so the heat isn’t wasted.

However, if you do want to exchange your existing meter for a ‘standard single rate’ one, Bulb can arrange this ( Two rate meters (including Economy 7) – Bulb ), but there is a charge of £120 for the engineer to do this. It may be worth just waiting until ‘sometime next year’ when Bulb are rolling out the multi-supplier compatible SMETS2 smart meters (free of charge) which can be switched between tariffs automatically (including their new smart tariff): so you could save the installation fee by just waiting.

I’m not aware of any storage heaters that can be ‘set to come on at the appropriate time’, the timing is set by the white meter. They boost overnight on the off peak tariff, depending on your meter this is 23.30-06.30 GMT. Your main meter will also provide off peak power during these hours, but the white meter only provides a current during that time. If it’s cold by 5pm, turn the thermostats up, so they store more heat, but if that doesn’t work, simply turn them off all together and try some other means of heating.
In theory your heaters could be rewired to the main on peak meter, then as long as they’re switched on they would be boosting/storing heat. I think this would be extremely expensive even if you had a means of setting them up on a timer that ran them, say, from 11.00 - 18.00.
Back in the '60s our storage heaters boosted off peak from 14.00 to 18.00 or thereabouts as well as overnight, but I’ve not heard of this option since then.

I'm not aware of any storage heaters that can be 'set to come on at the appropriate time',

My experience was that the storage heaters stored the power/heat during the off-peak times and you could set the ‘output’ time/rate on the heater itself (see Night storage heaters | Centre for Sustainable Energy )

The input time for storing heat is determined by the off peak meter. The output control has nothing to do with time/rate, it’s just a crude heat sensitive flap control, which is notorious for being ineffective and a complete waste of time; open the flap and let more of the stored heat out, but you probably won’t notice any difference in the room temperature.

Sounds like your storage heater isn’t big enough for the job. How much can it store? How much does it weigh? It should be at least 100kg for a decent sized room during winter.

If you want it to run all the time, you don’t need a different meter, you just need to rewire it. Get an electrician.