Economy 7

I’ve just referred a friend but he has an economy 7 heating system which has an evening and day reading. So 2 readings have to be submitted how can this be done when there is only space for one reading when using the bulb app ??

If they have a two rate meter, we’ll give them two spaces to enter their meter readings on the Bulb account:

We just need to wait for the previous supplier to send us details of the meter and this will be updated on the Bulb account. It should be before the switch date.

Is it true that bulb dont offer econmy7

They MADE me have Economy 7!

How …may i ask?i am still waiting for a response from someone from bulb…let me guess they dont monitor this forum???

I have a SMETS1 meter installed by EON. It was apparently set to work as E7 - but EON used to add the two figures together and charge the single tariff. Bulb, for some deeply convoluted reason, did not want to do this, so put me on E7.
So they do E7, but only if you already have a meter on E7.