Economy 9 meter

Im stuck on an economy 9 meter. It has 2 separate readings and a combined reading. My usage is 80% day rate so makes no sense. Could Bulb take on this and offer a combined tariff? Usage is about 11,000Kwh per year due to silly setup.


@markomark, very simply, yes they can.

They’ll still ask for both readings but just provide a single rate tariff for the total.

thanks @mowcius well that sounds exactly what I want! EDF are absolute … enuff said… and is that the tariff thats advertised? or do I need to speak to someone to clarify?

@markomark, it will be the single rate tariff shown for your location when you request a quote.

I’m not quite sure if there’s something special you need to do when switching to request being on a single rate so it might be best to give them a ring to clarify (0300 30 30 635).

@mowcius done tks. i need to pay 2 standing charges but still 600£ per year cheaper

Thanks for making my life so easy @mowcius. Great result @markomark

i need to pay 2 standing charges
Do you have two separate meters then? You shouldn't pay two standing charges if you only have the one meter.

@mowcius some meters have two meter points (i.e. two MPANS) within the single physical meter. Right now, Bulb charges standing charges per MPAN.

@“Andrew at Bulb”, ahh fair enough. That kinda sucks though.

yep…i have 2 mpans I have been told when I went to transfer. Still an extra £120 for the 2 mpans V the 500£ saving for me makes it worth it. Its annoying but LL wont allow meter to be changed out. Even though no one has ever come across Economy 9 meters!

@markomark, I’m presuming you pay for the energy separate to your rent?

If so then you have a legal right to switch to any supplier you like and as the meter is the property of the electricity supplier, I don’t believe there is anything your landlord can do to stop you from having it changed.
See this thread as an example.

There’d be little point you having the meter changed now as it would cost more than your extra standing charge for the switch, but when Bulb offer smart meters, it would make sense for you to get it changed then.

Do you have any idea why the LL doesn’t want it changing? I’ve only heard this kind of issue before with switches to/from prepay meters.

@mowcius no idea. But entire block (19 apartments) has these economy 9 things. Anyway the cost to replace meter and the hassle with the LL against the saving of prob about £60 means I will probably leave it as is