Economy seven not working!

my switch to bulb happened on the 5th December and everything’s been fine. I was with Utilita and had a in house display. When I switch this changed to a credit meter(I was on prepayment) this has been fine everything as far as I have been concerned has worked as it should. However I got up on the 10th and found my IHD had gone to 0 I wasn’t sure if this was normal so contacted bulb and was told it was due to it not being compatible fair enough seems simple enough. A few hours later I went to use my hot water and barely had any. Now I thought maybe the boiler had a problem but can’t check if it’s working as only come on at night with the economy seven so had to wait to be completely sure. also have storage heaters but don’t use these every night as they are to expensive. Anyway late tonight I did my washing and put my storageheater switch on ready for it to come on. I only use heater every other day and I do my washing that same day as easier to dry. Well it’s now 1:30 in the morning and my heater nor my hot water has come on! To say I’m really cross is a understatement I’ve got a ton of washing to get dry and it’s really cold not to mention I have no hotwater. I can’t contact bulb and can’t find a emergency number any advice would be great or is it a case of wait and ring in the morning sorry this was so long

Ok so I’ve just got up and nothing no hot water and no heating. Like I said I use my heater basically every other day because they are expensive in the first place and I coincide the usage with doing washing so I can use the heat to also help with drying. so you can imagine how much I look forward. To having them on because our house gets very cold. I’ve tried to contact bulb but not open til 9! Any help/advice with be great