Economy7 meter does not show second rate - Pathetic customer service

Hi All,

I have contacted Bulb back in end of May with regards to issues I have with my meter readings on my economy7 meter. The second rate does not appear anymore.

I have been told by customer support that a replacement should be installed. Since then, nobody contacted me from Bulb about the issue.

I contacted customer support again today, and I spoke with “Araminta”. She was utterly useless. I asked if there was any progress, and her reply was no and that Bulb has not signed a contract with infrastructure company for 2rate meters (yet). She suggested me to move to British Gas. Then I asked if I could have a smart meter installed and her answer was “We do not have the infrastructure”.

Is this how you keep your client base??? You are a startup company that should listen to your customers.

You just lost one today.

Good luck, you will need it.