Economy7 Switch - Have Smart Meter

Hi. We currently have your standard tariff. We’d like to switch to Economy7. We had a Smart meter installed in our new home which was built in August last year. As I understand it, it should be possible to set our existing Smart meter up to work with Economy 7 without needing to install a new meter.
Can you please confirm?

Can you please confirm?

Technically, yes, but it’s not something Bulb currently offer.

The only multi-rate smart meter tariff they offer is the smart tariff. This is like Economy-7 but with three rates instead of two. There is a weekday peak rate between 4pm and 7pm. Whether this tariff would work for you depends on your usage. For me, charging an EV overnight, the smart tariff works out very slightly cheaper than standard Economy-7. But you do have to be careful how much electric you use during the peak period.

Additionally, there’s no guarantee that Bulb will be able to read your existing smart meter. You can request to move to the smart tariff from your Bulb account dashboard. Once the request is made, Bulb will attempt to connect to your meter and will let you know the results. If they can, you’ll move tariff, if not you’ll stay as you are and will have to wait for a new meter to be installed.