Ecotricity's "Vegan Power"

Ecotricity have started marketing their energy as vegan as a way of distinguishing between them and suppliers who use animal by-products to make bio-gas, including Bulb.

What do people make of this? Should vegetarians and vegans extend their ethics past their diet, or is it more important to de-carbonise meat production? After all, it is there whether we like it or not…

As a recently turned vegan (formerly a vegetarian), I’m all for eradicating animal by-products from my life, but only where I believe animals are harmed or killed as a result. This extends past my diet. Whilst horrified (but not surprised) of ecotricity’s findings, I am a little relieved to see that Bulb use ‘manure’ as a by-product to produce energy, as opposed to actual bodies that other suppliers use. I see manure as a natural waste, albeit from the livestock industry, but using it is not in itself causing harm to the animals, much in the same way that if they could use my ‘waste’, hair or nail clippings, I’ll be fine with it.

An Ecotricity customer and staunch supporter for over 15 years, I’ve switched to Bulb tonight on the strength of my reaction to their latest campaign. People shaming is not an approach I support and reluctantly after many years of promoting this company, I have decided it is time for us to part company . I hope that Bulb will welcome vegans, vegetarians and meat-eating customers alike and respect and value diversity of thought

Alot of vegetables grown in this country use manure as a fertiliser anyway! It’s a by product of the meat industry but it’s better to use it to provide sustainable energy than just chuck it in a tip and waste the resource.

At the end of the day it’s up to vegans and vegetarians to make a decision if they are happy for it to be used in their energy supply or not, personally don’t think bulb should change how they do it - they are very open with it as it’s on the “Our generators” page.

Thanks for all your comments on this, it’s an interesting campaign they have been running.

If anyone wants to read more on our opinions and thoughts on the gas that we offer to our members, we wrote a blog post a little while back