EDF final gas bill - their reading 2.5 months worth over actual switch reading

Hi all.

Got a final gas bill from edf. 14th - 29th aug 2017 (on deemed terms). Dates are from when we completed purchase of property to when bulb took over.

Bulb reading on 30th Aug is 34964. Confirmed in first bill.
EDF final bill says last gas reading is 35225. £139.86…

We reached 35225 mid November’ish. So what are EDF upto? Where are they getting that reading from? that is 2.5 months onward that they are not the supplier of gas.

any advice appreciated…

best, jim

I think you need to phone EDF but it sounds to me like they are using estimated readings.

@dublove I tried to look at your account, but I think the email address you’re using on the Community might be different from the one you use for your Bulb Account? Please email us at help@bulb.co.uk with your name, address and postcode (or call in at 03003030635).